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Concerned Citizens of Waukesha County,

Waukesha County is a great place to live, work and enjoy recreational activities.  We enjoy a very safe way of life here.  Our low crime rate is no accident.  It is the result of people from a lot of walks of life getting involved.  Law enforcement does a great job, but they can not do it without help. 

CrimeStoppers of Waukesha County plays an important role in helping prevent and solve crimes in Waukesha County.  Like law enforcement, we can not do what we do without help.  We are making an appeal to citizens and businesses in Waukesha County for help to keep our program a vital part of keeping Waukesha County safe.

CrimeStoppers works diligently with local, state, and national law enforcement agencies to both prevent crime and arrest and prosecute those who break our laws.  We work in the schools and in the community by rewarding those who provide information about crimes before and after they occur.  The size of our rewards is proportional to the nature of the crime and the degree to which the confidential information contributes to the prevention or solution.

In many cases our efforts provide the return of property or restitution for damages to the victims of crime in our communities.  This helps the individual victim, but also helps all of us by keeping insurance rates down.

Our board is comprised of citizen members and law enforcement members from the many municipalities within our county.  We are always looking for additional members for our board.

We also need your financial support so we can continue our efforts to keep Waukesha County a safe and enjoyable place to live, work, and recreate.  We will appreciate any amount that you can contribute so we can continue to provide financial incentives to those who provide us information.

Please send you tax deductible donation to:

CrimeStoppers of Waukesha County
c/o Waukesha County District Attorney
515 West Moreland Blvd, Room CG-72
Waukesha, WI 53188

Thank you for your support,

Sue Opper
Waukesha County District Attorney
Board Chairman, CrimeStoppers of Waukesha County
515 West Moreland Boulevard, Room CG-72
Waukesha, WI 53188

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