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New Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County Program Dramatically Increases Tips

Former Waukesha County District Attorney, Attorney General Brad Schimel, past President of Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County along with current President, District Attorney Sue Opper, announced a 350 percent increase in crime tips since the organization went digital. 

In March of 2012, Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County went online with our new website and a new system through which individuals could send in tips by our website and now through Facebook.  Schimel said “We had to make a significant financial investment to make the change; however, the incredible increase in tips that have helped solve crime has made it all worthwhile”. 

Crime Stoppers offers an opportunity for individuals to receive a reward for providing information that helps law enforcement solve and prevent crimes.  Informants may remain completely anonymous.  Prior to March of 2012, the only way to submit a tip was by calling a toll free phone number.  The new system, called P3 is much more accessible and has resulted in an incredible increase in our tip activity. 

The large increase in tip activity, however, has resulted in a dramatic increase in the rewards that are paid out.  Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.  It is not government funded.  The organization is run by a board comprised of representatives from the District Attorney’s office, many county law enforcement agencies and citizen representatives from many of our communities.  We do need community help to fund this valuable program, and contributions are tax deductible.

A second recent digital improvement is the launch of a PayPal account for individuals wanting to make online donations to Crime Stoppers to help fund the tip payments.  The link can be found by accessing the Facebook page for Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County and clicking on the “Donate” button.   Schimel encourages those interested to “Like” our Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County page on Facebook and contribute to Crime Stoppers.

Schimel went on to highlight some of the accomplishments of our county Crime Stoppers Program.  “Our most active program is the TipsCash Program in our schools.  This program gives school resource officers the ability to reward tips to help keep our schools safe.  Over the past decade, Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County has paid out approximately $37,000 in through the TipCash Program for tips that have helped police and schools solve a wide array of problems, including taking countless weapon and drug items out of our schools.”

Crime Stoppers has also been successful in getting information that has solved crimes like the theft a few years ago of multiple digital projectors from a Menomonee Falls School.  The projectors were recovered, and the offender was ultimately held accountable, thanks to tips received from students who were able to remain anonymous. 

In Spring of 2013, Crime Stoppers rewarded the tipster who provided the information responsible for catching the vandals who damaged nearly the entire fleet of school buses for the Muskego School District. 

A Crime Stoppers tip also gave the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department anonymous information that led to the arrest of an individual in Sussex who had manufactured numerous homemade explosive devices, including a suicide vest he admitted that he planned to use when police attempted to arrest him.  Thanks to the tip, this individual was taken into custody safely, and law enforcement was able to safely dispose of all of the pipe bombs and other explosive devices.  That individual currently is in federal custody facing federal charges. 

The Crime Stoppers of Waukesha County website is at and is also accessible through links on the websites for most of the school districts and police departments in the county, as well as through the Waukesha County and Waukesha County District Attorney websites.  The website also has information on some of our corporate and community sponsors.  Crime Stoppers is always looking for more help to keep up its important work.